Rafael Lurbe, new president of the association of textile companies ATEVAL.
Corporative Lurbel

Rafael Lurbe, new president of the association of textile companies ATEVAL.

Rafael Lurbe, manager of MLS Textiles 1992 S.L. and product manager of the sportive brand with self-production, has been named as the new president of the association ATEVAL Vall d’Albaida. This is the association of textile companies of a region where this industrial segment has played a key role for decades. Rafael Lurbe is one of the three brothers Lurbe that currently run the family business with more than 25 years of experience. The commitment of the company to innovation and self-production is the new direction of the textile sector of the region.


The Company, that started its production with fast-moving hosiery products, is considered nowadays as a leader company regarding the development of cutting-edge textile technologies, applied to the sports segment, with its brand Lurbel. But it also has another range of products within the health sector, where they apply their own textile technologies to fabrics of skin care products and which is on sale in pharmacies and podiatry centres.


Quality guarantees

The headquarters of MLS are located in Ontinyent (capital town of the Valencian region called Vall d’Albaida), where they manufacture the 100% of their products. There are almost fifty direct employees and manufacture products by following the most demanding standards. In this sense, MLS Textiles 1992 S.L. has the ISO 13485 standard, an international standard that represents the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. They also have the License of Medical Device Class I issued by the Spanish Agency for Medications and Healthcare Products. In parallel, the company also has the ISO 9001 standard of management quality and the iQNET certification for the Quality production and management system at an international level.



One of their last innovations has been recently patented, the sport vest Lurbel Kylie, a new idea of backpack manufactured with t-shirt fabric. They also have an invention patent to the textile technology Regenactiv, with high antifungal and antibacterial properties, and a utility model for the socks developed with this technology.



Ateval Vall d’Albaida is an association with more than one hundred textile companies and represents more than 2,600 workers of the area.