Lurbel Presents its 2019 Competition Team Lurbel Presents its 2019 Competition Team Lurbel Presents its 2019 Competition Team
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Lurbel Presents its 2019 Competition Team

The Lurbel Competition Team is growing. Last Saturday, the Valencian brand held a presentation for the Lurbel Team of 2019 in the showroom at their headquarters, announcing five new faces. 


New Recruits 2019

  1. Abdul Abdeharrim Hanzaze: FEDME Spain Cadet Champion.
  2. Ricardo Cherta: FEDME Spain Young Promise Cup Champion and 7th place overall, 3rd place in the 2018 OCC Mont Blanc.
  3. Guillermo Albert Lizandra: 4th place in the FEMECV Autonómico Championship.
  4. Miguel Angel Soriano: 6th place in the 2017 FEMECV Autonómico.
  5. Vicent Torres: 13th in the 2018 FEMECV League.

The Lurbel Team will have a total of 18 members  who made their debut last Sunday by participating in the first test of the Valencian Mountain Racing League in Orihuela.  In this first competition, Miguel A. Sánchez and Ana Tauste debuted as runners-up in the overall rankings.

2018 Achievements

Among the team's main achievements last season, it is worth noting the victory of runner Laura Sola in the FEDME Spain Ultras Championship. 

The team renews its co-branding with the official Lurbel online store,, so the official team name will continue to be
Lurbel Team-People Sapiens throughout this season.