Lurbel, official supplier of recovery garments for cyclist David Valero Lurbel, official supplier of recovery garments for cyclist David Valero

Lurbel, official supplier of recovery garments for cyclist David Valero


Lurbel is to become the official supplier of recovery garments for David Valero, the current Spanish Mountain Bike XCO champion (also champion in 2015 and 2017).

The racer from Granada, who placed ninth in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games, is currently competing in the World Cup alongside the UCI MTB World Tour elite. He is to have a new ally in the form of the Lurbel Recovery collection, to help him recover to full capacity from the intense days of competition that lie ahead of him in Andorra (July), Switzerland and Canada (August), ending in France in September.


Valero started out the year in the top 10 as the top Spanish racer in the first round of the XCO World Cup, which was held a couple of weeks ago in Germany. Last weekend in the Czech Republic, he returned to competition, achieving 29th place. In preparation for the World Cup, he won the Mediterranean Epic and Andalucía Bike Race. In addition, he is the current European Championship bronze medallist and places 6th in the world ranking.

Recovery Collection

The Lurbel Recovery collection consists of a compression t-shirt, pants and socks, all designed to reinforce the body's recovery processes and achieve faster musculoskeletal recovery. This action is achieved thanks to the placement of the compression fabric (Compressive fabric powered by Fir Tech*), which is placed in the areas that suffer more wear during competition. With their simple design, these pieces can easily be worn with everyday clothes or during any time of relaxation, when the garments work at full capacity to reinforce the athlete's own body activity.

*The Compressive fabric powered by Fir Tech is made of a mineral thread which reflects the IR rays that are emitted naturally by the body and returns them to the area of the body covered by garment, helping it to recover more quickly. The benefits of the Compressive line are endorsed by a multidisciplinary study carried out in 2013 between the University of Alicante, the University of Valencia and the Textile Industry Research Association – AITEX.