Lurbel opts for PEFC cardboard for its new underlayer boxes
Corporative Lurbel

Lurbel opts for PEFC cardboard for its new underlayer boxes

Lurbel has opted for PEFC-certified cardboard to roll out new boxes for its line of underlayers and underwear. The PEFC label guarantees that the material comes from forests that are sustainably managed from an environmental, social and economic point of view, as well as having their production processes subjected to rigorous controls.


Objective: minimising environmental impact

This move allows the Lurbel brand to start simplifying all its packaging, aiming to minimise the environmental impact of the boxes its products are delivered in.

This project will first focus on packaging for the underlayer and underwear line, but will soon be extended to the sock line (which still represents the Valencian brand’s largest sales volume). As part of its sustainability drive, the brand is also opting for reusable packaging, such as the sports bag delivered with Lurbel outer garments that’s designed to be kept in a sports backpack.

Sustainability as a hallmark

Lurbel thinks of sustainability as an integrated concept that covers multiple areas:

·         Social plan: The quality guarantee of products manufactured by a team of people with almost three decades of experience - besides ensuring Lurbel’s clients can trust in the meticulousness of the work - has allowed the brand to retain its own manufacturing processes since it was founded in 1992. Lurbel has maintained close to 40 stable jobs, complete with all the relevant employment guarantees.

·         Local products: Developing its full product range at its Valencian facilities in Ontinyent, Lurbel is a local brand that minimises the environmental impact of its products and transport methods.

·         Local suppliers and collaborators: Lurbel prioritises being supplied with raw materials and other components by companies that are as close by as possible.  

·         Rational buying: The brand's commitment to the durability of its garments includes its products in its bid for sustainability, making them a rational buy. Buying fewer, higher quality products is one way to help protect the environment.