Corporative Lurbel

Lurbel reduces its environmental impact by focusing on energy self-supply


The Valencian technical sportswear brand, Lurbel, is clear that sustainability must be one of the brands’ aspects they want at the forefront of innovation. In this sense, among the actions tied to this cross-cutting commitment is that of reducing greenhouse gas emissions derived from the development of their technical sportswear at their headquarters in Ontinyent, Valencia.

To make these objectives a reality, a photovoltaic plant for the self-supply of energy has been installed on the roof of the brand's central facilities located in Ontinyent (Valencia), where it develops all its sportswear. The 80 Kw structure is currently at full capacity and is capable of generating an average of 20% of the total energy needed by the company.

Carbon footprint

To make a good start along this path, the brand previously measured and registered its carbon footprint over the last three years. From there, it was included on the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge list with corporations and organisations and has obtained the official "Calculation" stamp, marking the beginning of progress towards more ambitious sustainability goals (aimed at reducing and compensating for its environmental impact) in the coming years.