Lurbel, technical sportswear made in Spain

We are able to expand our full potential thanks to the best technology and the experience of a team with years of dedication.
From the composition of the structure, every single detail has been designed to maximize performance.

Since the very beginning, our perseverance has led us to a continuous improvement. The specialisation, our innovative initiative and the best technology have allowed us to develop the high quality Lurbel sport garments.
All the garments have a simple design to focus on their performance features.
This is a wise decision with successful results.

In order to create a line of high quality products such as the one of Lurbel, it is essential to work together with experts and research groups from different fields. This way of working promotes the attainment of many research projects, product tests and validations.

This transversal working structure, which affects both products and technologies, allows us to certify our progress and reinforce new lines of research. The aim is always to improve our products and the technologies used.